WAD Description

"Myfava" by TechNyquist

Get your journey through this full pack of 32 maps of Doom 2 gamestyle.

No ports were used, just a bit of high-res textures for the screens that power-ups the feeling of the environments.

All the maps are linked each other by some logic, you don't just jump from scenario to scenario without any clue on how you did get there.

You'll find detailed reconstructions, engaging environments, well balanced enemies and realistic architectures (as long as they are meant to be ;).

You'll not have the chance to drown in weapons and powerups. You'll have to fight your way through the story using what you can find and collect along the way, and runaway now and then in order to get your ammos and kick-ass back in a suitable manner.

Keep yourself tuned soldiers. This WAD will be here to stay.

Updates (1) [28%]

Actually I worked on this project previously, this is the point I started from here on WadsZone.

I'm designing MAP13 right now, out of 32. It's a very long project and cheering is very welcome in order to get it done!

Stay tuned!

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