A page to rule them all!

Ok, listen to me.

This place is fun. There are no either winners or losers. We are all here to have fun, but with no worries from the moth***... trolls. I mean trolls.

  • This website is for WADs and maps, so don't try to link pop musics, strange external websites and so on. Every feedback is checked, unacceptable content shall be doomed to hell with no advice.
  • No porn. Porn is not welcome here. There are plenty of websites out there that are much more suitable for such content. Here porn is just cut with no advice.
  • No goats, they'll be grilled with no advice.
  • No racism. Racism is stupid. If you intend to claim racism then you are in the wrong place. Racism is wiped with no advice.
  • No insulting. Let's be rock and cute, there is no need to insult to be tough. Insults shall be modered and noted.

Every case will be analyzed and I say straight that, as creator and maintainer of the website, I can do whatever I want with no possibility of objection. I rule, indeed. It's just me that can do it. Problems about this? Make up your website and you'll taste the same overwhelming power.

Behiond this, you can vote and comment freely on users' wads. Just one request I have for ya: do it consciously. I mean, try to be constructive with your reviews, avoid demolishing designers when they are building their lovely and passionate project! If they lose their hype on it, they stop building it. If they stop building they don't complete it. If they don't complete it they don't release it. If they don't release it you don't play it. If you don't play it you don't have fun. If you don't have fun you are sad. If you are sad I am sad. If I am sad WadsZone slowly dies. If WadsZone dies the world shall never be the same.
As you can see you have much of a responsibility, be wise.

World's destiny depends on your clicks on this website.

Then, let's talk about the stuff you'll upload on this website too. You will as long as you are here to design.

All the images, names and description you decide to upload and publish on Wads.Zone are your creations through the ID's Doom engine, thus you all reserve all your rights, but I'm licensed to take care of them and provide them to the public in order accomplish what this website is for.

I have another rule, but this is for me. I'll do my best to keep WadsZone running relyably and quickly. I am a gamer just like you are, and I started this project because I like it. I design wads myself when I can and I enjoy it everytime. I prefer Doom2 wads. I think that is more engaging than the first one, more attractive because of new weapon and enemies. But...back to subject. I'll make sure that all shall work fine. If you ever find any kind of problem or you dare to suggest some feature just put a line in the feedback page and let me know, I'll evaluate it and implement it if possible and approved!

Moreover, I cannot provide hosting for your wads, so you'll have to find a webstoring for them and provide here a link. I can't provide hosting because you'd drain fast my webspace and I have not the needed resources to store them all. Maybe one day, when I'll become rich and ruthless I'll do it, not now.

I'll close this long text explaining the reason for which I made this website; this is not a rule, but here it'll be fine anyway. Once I had a account on a famous web community of wads that were still in progress, just like WadsZone. I was happy of my project and it was gathering much kudos, as lot of time I was spending on it. It was taking much time. One fine day I went back to my profile was disappeared! No more screens, no more users, no more comments...all gone. So I tried to recover my password by email email address wasn't registered anymore...what the heck! Then I double watched the website...and found that many modern features were just absent. It was an old website that never met the HTML5 and's a shame!

So, as a developer, I decided to develop my own website for in progress WADs, and here comes WadsZone.

For every other possible question or whatever, use the "Feedback" page.

Peace and BFG9000 to everyone.

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