Doom 2 (- Vanilla -)
WAD InProgress

Welcome to WadsZone, passionated WAD builder!

First of all, what is Wads Zone? Wads Zone is a free online repository of WADs in progress and WADs that have met their glory day of release. Get your free account and show your stuff!

Are you a designer?

If you are building your maps for Doom, Hexen, Duke Nukem 3D, or any other game of these, and want to preview them to the public despite their very incomplete status, well this is the place!
Create a record for your incomplete WAD, add a description, upload pictures and update regularly to keep the project alive.

Aren't you?

Are you a player that is just looking for some more butts to kick? Well, this is your place too!
Browse through the WAD projects available, view pictures, read description, and show to everyone how much hype a WAD is able to arise in you by voting and commenting it!
Once the WAD is released, download it, play it, enjoy it, feel it...then come back here and cast a new vote, telling this time how much you actually liked it, and letting the other players know!

Few of the rockin' WADs we've here around

This is just a taste of the most recent...try the search on the sidebar to find more!

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